• I stand in the cold Winter air,
    Standing with what people call so rare.
    I look at your face, you look at mine.
    The wind is so cold, it's frozen time.

    We quickly start to run home,
    Dashing through the bleach white foam.
    After what seemed like an eternity, we reach the door.
    I turn to the face I so lovingly adore.

    The sun setting, the moon rising,
    Sky disappearing and darkness lurking.
    I take your hand and look into your eyes,
    About to tell you something before our goodbyes.

    "Merry Christmas and one more thing,
    I've loved you from the very beginning."
    Catching your breath,you hold my gaze.
    "I love you too, forever and always."

    You kneel to the ground,what was I to think?
    Reaching in your pocket, you pull out a ring.
    "Will you marry me?I hope you feel the same."
    "Oh my god, of course I will!", I excitedly exclaim.

    You get up from the ground and grab my hand.
    Smoothly slipping on the tiny gold band.
    Just as the moon starts her eclipse,
    Leaning forward, I give you a kiss.
    heart heart heart heart heart heart