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  • Artist Info: Hi I am xXx_Akiraka_Mizu_xXx, but you can call me Sam.<br />
    <br />
    I'm twenty (yes, I had another birthday! geez where have I been this stuff doesn't seem to hold my attention for long I guess).<br />
    <br />
    I'm interested in web design and html, which stands for Hyper Text Mono Log, and is the code for web site making.<br />
    biggrin <br />
    I love animals, we have five pets at the moment. 2 dogs, a bearded dragon (which is a type of lizard), and 2 fish (we had more but they died).<br />
    xd <br />
    I also luv Photography, and have a Nikon D80, which is an awesome camera. and the type of "genres" I like to take pictures of are, landscapes, flowers, plants, and macro. Macro photography is so much fun. Its like you're in another world because your so close to stuff, and the pictures turn out way different than the real thing. My favorite "genre" of photography, though, is "landscape" photography. I like it because, well for the same reason I like photography in general, because of the technical work, that I seem to have a natural eye for. What way do I want the light to shine on the hills? and then waiting for the right moment for the sun light to shine in the right places. Or what angle do I want to shoot it at? And then having to walk a quarter mile to get the right angle. xd <br />
    <br />
    ~As for my personality goes, I am shy, strong, and funny.<br />
    ~My astrological Sun sign is Taurus the bull. Which is an earth sign.<br />
    ~I am eighteen 20<br />
    ~My favorite colors are purple, blue, pink, and green.<br />
    ~Colors that look good on me clothes wise: Pastels, certain shades of green, Navy Blue, and Black<br />
    ~my favorite types of animals are: Dolphins, Tigers, Cats, and Dogs.<br />
    ~And my real hair color is brown
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