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  • Artist Info: My name's ellie. <br />
    I like to write. <br />
    I like to read.<br />
    I like to sleep.<br />
    And paint my nails.<br />
    And dance.<br />
    My fish in my aquarium are mostly named random French names. I have no idea why.<br />
    I love VNV Nation.<br />
    I have a cat. She's fluffy.<br />
    I live in the LD, though I occasionally skip over to the A/M/C.<br />
    I adore the color green.<br />
    The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray is an amazing book.<br />
    Godchild is love.<br />
    I can speak Spanish. <br />
    I enjoy running.<br />
    I love diversity.<br />
    I think I'd like to live in a city.<br />
    I daydream too much for my own good.<br />
    My favorite movie is Gattaca. Or Advent Children. Or Reincarnation. I can't decide.<br />
    I also like Emilie Autumn.<br />
    I'm fascinated by Victorian and Edwardian England, World War I, and gender studies. <br />
    That's me. <br />
    <br />
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