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    Hello random person who I may or may not know~ Welcome to my crappy profile~! /throws confetti/ <br />
    My name is Sarah Morgan Wettstein. If you call me by my real name I will track you down and beat you with a bag of oranges~ C: I really dislike my name. It’s too...blah. So instead call me, Morgan, Tofu, Lemmy, Hidenka-san or Minadian. <br />
    I am 5’4”...Short for being 15 I’d say. Unless all my other friends are too tall. I weigh 108 pounds cause I’m a fatty like that. Harhar. <br />
    I obsess over Silent Hill, Hetalia, Zach Braff, original characters, yaoi/yuri, Jack Frost (manga), horror/gore, Tokio Hotel <br />
    I also love, Zombieland, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, sporks, eye makeup, boots, hyenas, Naruto, The Ring/Ringu, Dir en Grey, Lindt chocolates <br />
    I dislike homophobes, onions, whales, roosters, having messy hair, cleaning the cat litter <br />
    Favorite bands/singers: Dir en Grey, Lady Gaga, Basshunter, Eminem, anything from Hetalia, Nightwish (with Tarja Turunen), Owl City, Maximum the Hormone, Nirvana, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, One Ok Rock, Kra, Shiny Toy Guns, Paramore, Flobots, System of a Down, Zwei, Magaherz , James Blunt <br />
    <br />
    Other random crap~ <br />
    I have 39 OCs <br />
    I love Zach Braff and Henry Townshend so much, I cry when I see them (creepy, da?)<br />
    I have seen the Silent Hill movie over 20 times <br />
    I think the Silent Hill movie sucks (but I love it)<br />
    I suck at most video games<br />
    I have pica disorder, dyslexia, anemia, arthritis, am allergic to high fructose corn syrup and slightly lactose intolerant.
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