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  • Artist Info: Hello, I'm Tenma Yami and I was named by the burden I carry in my veins, or so I used to think.. I come from a VERY powerfull bloodline, but I am what is left of my family name and ancestory, for you see I killed my Father, Mother, two Brothers, and three Sisters back a few years ago when I was fourteen, year one. A very tragical event occured where I lost the first person I found my-self bonding with, which always has been hard for a being like me, and she was lost to my Mother and Father tearing her head clean from her body, although it was rather messy.. As I sat in unexpressable rage back in the corner of my old house's front disguise room, I couldn't/ didn't quite grasp the scenario right away, instead I put on some chappy.. stick<3.tm. to comfort my self, and tuned my head phones(which were blasting a HardStyle tempo) way up so that I did not have to at least hear the gurgling coming from my Fathers throat when I ripped it clear from his neck, or the sound of my Mother's intestines spilling out of her stomach when I tore her back open following all the way down to her lower belly, or the sound of my three infuriated sister's screams when I gouged all their eyes out within a split second from one another, or the flopping noise of my Brother's when I started to tear all their limbs from their bodies as if they had a structure that of but just a peice of King's Hawaiian bread.. Although this all happened, and quite pleasent may I add, I was not concious for it all of course*I wish I were >>* for I had transformed into the very thing that lays hidden within my blood for the first time.. <br />
    As I massacred what was left of my "family", they all, in fear, were also in awe as I tore the ass of vengence, and the limits which had been holding my sanity in, and the same limit which bound me to this meaningless life of mine, for you see I have been the supposed succesor of my blood line for as long as I can remember, I was suppose to be some kind of God to the Vampire existance( that's right... vampire) but my genes weren't kicking in when appropriate, meaning, when most younglings devolpe the V-gene (which is around 12-14). I was turning 15 when my relatives took matters into their own hands, each of them distributing half of their inherited blood into me, leaving many scares on my young seeming neck, hoping it would make me come off as the God, the existance had been hoping to see come out of the strongest, and oldest vampire family to ever walk the realms of worlds. The funny part of the whole thing is that I later came to find out that what hides within my blood is the so-called God they all naively dreamed of which I had kept secret since I was of five years of age due to fear of being slaughtered for being a monster *which was smart on my part, cause the probably would have <<* You see, I was never suppose to come off as a vampire, but the very thing that created the vampire existance, and the fact that they turned my appearance, and gave me basically an infanant energy drink for a god, just made me that much more powerful.<br />
    After the slaughter things were not the same, I changed into a completely different creature, not to mention I had developed a second personallity, or should I say my original personallity, one I now know I've always longed for, and one whom I was actually myself, especially now that I'm free from a designated fate. Kicked out of my town, and looked down upon as an outcast for being banned from my home and everyone was to scared of me to look at me, and a murderer cause the authorties found me in the middle of my front room drenched in my families filth and carnage( but without any evidence that I did the crime cause of how young I look).<br />
    I left that place awhile ago and fell into a section in the Realm of Darkness which seemed very fitting for how deppressed I had started to become, exiled by self indulgement, I sat at The Ol' Tree, training, thinking, and sleeping *which I really enjoy, when I eventually do ^ w^*, and finally we arrive to Riku, the first person to ever intrigue me, the only one whom has ever been capable to oppose and controll what is now me, Techy Disaster (the name I gave myself after arriving into the Realm of Darkness). After our first encounter, which ended in a battle of epic proportions, is where my adventure begins..
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