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  • Artist Info: Hi My FaVoRiTe ThInGs 2 Do ArE: BaSkEtBaLl, RuNiNg TrAcK, AnD dA NuMbA 1 ThInG... GeTtIn LiTe <br />
    <br />
    HeRe Is A RhYmE I MaDe...... <br />
    May is the month that i arrived i kissed this earth with the promise to survive i told the lord that i would get a n education i gotta get it now or itl be a violation im enterin the war but this time im prepared im doin it for myself not just cuz i was dared so world come get me i am reddey i only use my fist i dont need no machettie im so special im so special gotta put me in the special ed i get arab money thats why i got special bread........Im IlL
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