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  • Artist Info: I'm also a writer. My poetry is just damn amazing. lolll.<br />
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    "Life is more than just a given right."<br />
    Days go by much faster than you think... Every choice matters, and you can fix mistakes.<br />
    I'd love to travel someday. Scary movies. I always speak my mind. Dance in the ran. Pray. I believe in fate. I could run forever. I express myself through Poetry. Creativity. Going on adventures. Sing. I listen to music 24-7. I hope to be a doctor. I want to change lives. Happiness comes through one-self. I shop at dollar tree. Ice Cream. Strawberries = &lt;3. Texting is addicting. I'm ready to leave this place. I trust too easily. I love to learn new words. House is the most amazing show ever. <br />
    <br />
    My inspiration:<br />
    My heroes are those people who never give up, no matter what gets in their way. With such determination to run just because it's what they love to do. That one girl who won't give up no matter how hurt she's been, or how many times her heart has been broken. That hard working student, who maybe isn't as skilled as everyone else..but still wants to be just as great. My parents, who never gave up on their dream to run, to be the best, no matter how much time makes it harder... That one boy who has nothing, but still smiles and hopes for the best. They are my heroes. <br />
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