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  • Artist Info: Yeah, well...I'm Kashie and this is my main Avi. Here are my details:<br />
    Gothic: I love destruction and piercing, tats, I have a darker side to me.<br />
    Primal: I do what's natural for me. I love food, sex and destruction.<br />
    Nerd: I game, I watch anime, I draw, I browse the internet and I wouldn't pass up a good game of D&D if it was passed to me.<br />
    Philosopher: I like people who use their heads. I hate people who think they're powerful when I wouldn't even give them the privelege to suck the underside of my boot. The best kind of philosopher though, is a philosopher with character.<br />
    Romantic: I'm a nice guy when you get to know me. Sometimes you just have to tell me a bit about what you want. I tend to start out hard, but I don't mind a bit of romance or cuddling if I'm sure that's what you want.<br />
    Sex-Addict: I love the practice and I love the fun. It's not the only thing important to me, but it's up there with favorite things to do. lol Plus it defines my abs. ^^
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