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  • Artist Info: ]You may not know so now i'm going to tell you about me.My real name is OLIVIA.I'm about blank years in age,if u want to know just ask.I live in the middle of nowhere..I love music and art more than anything...I'm crazy,emo,and silent....AND I'M PROUD TO BE IT TOO! I CREATED the youth wrestling team with some friends.WE TARGET BULLIES FOR AGES 7-UP....FOR ALL YOU LITTLE BASTERDS THAT MESS WITH LITTLE KIDS !!!!Anyway,im know heart broken by my "psp". I cant play Phantsy Star Portable 2 online mode <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    []Here is my 6 year update lol. I'm still Olivia, maybe not as crazy or emo or silent anymore. Definitely didn't create youth wrestling lol and dont have a psp.
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