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  • Artist Info: heyy supp <br />
    wanna know me then u can!<br />
    im kaira, im an ordinary girl just like you ^^ i live in a house with my fave autograph of michael jackson. and if you wannna be my friend just ask smile <br />
    soo, i have an interest that no one else has like me<br />
    it is michael jackson, well i have studied about him for sometime now, i know lots about. well more than you do smile lol<br />
    he is awesome and that is why i used this name, yeah well so what some one else has the same words in it but they arent the same so why judge me. I only put my name in it cuz its cool<br />
    and my username is cooler than any of urs ... lol joking (or am i??)<br />
    i have facebook, gaia*duh*, maplestory, lots more.....................................<br />
    if you wanna know more about michael jackson just ask me and ill tell yooh. only cuz i know hheps more than any of you's know about hin ^.^ he is my idol, my friend, my family member, and he is close to me. i have all of his albums, i have his sig and i will miss him.. R~I~P Michael Jackson
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