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    You wanna Know me?:The name is Ashton. I'm an outsider, don't bother me. <br />
    I'm like a puzzle. I only open up to the people I know. <br />
    When you get to know me, be prepared.Don't be hatin D:
    <br />
    The Basics:I am absolutely single (: and fifteen years young.I do all my studies at Tri-County Technical College. I'm in the 12th grade. I am a Christian. I can say I can be pretty annoying at times. I'm very <br />
    immature at times too, who cares? 90% of all teenagers are brats. I am not in that category. I <br />
    do stupid stuff..alot. But isn't that why we learn from our mistakes? I honestly don't care<br />
    what you think of me. Cause I know I'm better than you! haha. Just kidding.
    <br />
    The Simple Things: I really enjoy pointing<br />
    and laughing at people who fall. Pointing and laughing at people who drop their books. <br />
    Pointing and laughing at people in general brings joy to my life.
    <br />
    What makes the world go-round: Toe Socks. Colors.Crayons.Mangos.Smilies.You.New book smell.<br />
    Black gel bracelets.Converse.Bottles.Sesame Street (Can you tell me how to get there ?). Animals.Music.Video Games.<br />
    Artistic Photos.Lips.Hot Topic.Eyes.New Songs.Clouds.Fire.Rain. Smoke. Rings. Markers.And<br />
    of course the gravitational pull of the sun.
    <br />
    I am often in high spirits. <br />
    I will randomly quote movies and songs. <br />
    I try my best to be articulate but fall short within hours. A lot. <br />
    I am an absolutely horrendous liar. <br />
    I harass my family a lot. <br />
    I draw, note that I'm not good. <br />
    I love to read. <br />
    I am having great difficulty thinking up more sentences starting with I.
    <br />
    <br />
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