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    User Image<br />
    Hello<br />
    The names Sabrina;; Goes by Sabbie as well;<br />
    I've been blowing my candles out since August 4th, 1994<br />
    Life comes at people fast but I think the challenge is the funnest part<br />
    I'm really into music<br />
    I'm a sucker for anything acoustic<3<br />
    Photography suits me well too<br />
    Labels aren't my thing<br />
    Those are for soup cans<br />
    You ask me what I am, and I'll tell you I'm human<br />
    I'm unique in my own way and I wouldn't change any of my flaws<br />
    They make me, me(:<br />
    I like making new friends too, its pretty fun<3<br />
    So get to know me<br />
    I'm sure I'll make you smile(;<br />
    <br />
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