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    Okies okies. n.n here we go. <br />
    HELLO FELLOW GAIANS! how you all doing today!? >> or night x.x whichever time it is for you. thanks for being my guest and taking the time to come here and checking me out. My name is Blue. I love to draw characters, i write poems and I LOVE ANIME! WOOOT FOR ANIME!! * clears throat* um yeah.. so i love horror movies. i play basketball for fun and i love gaming. mainly warfare 2 and resident evil 5. lol. love them headshots dude/dudettes. seriously n.n<br />
    if you wish of me to draw your avi just ask me and i'll let you know if it can be done. as much as i hate to say it. im still a limited artist. im trying to expand though. lol for 1 i can't draw meccha even if it was to save my own life x.x and yes guns are included in that category. x.x sorry all you BANG BANG fans. x.x yes im one too but still. XP lol <br />
    i have an orange north american short hair tabby that is spoiled to the bone LOL. he is my baby though. i've only had him for about close to 2 months now and he is very loyal to me. he is about a year to a year and a half. not sure since the original owner hadn't told me the actual age. >_> he likes to conversate though x.x no joke. he talks back and everything lol. he just hates dogs and loves being on my feet when im laying down. he's a good boy. <br />
    i been drawing for about.... lets see... i been drawing for about 11 years.. but i got good good at it for about what... 4 years? i went to an art school but they really didn't teach me anything. except for my animation teacher. n.n he taught well. my cartooning teacher was disappointed in me cause he always caught me doing comics and was excited to have me in his class but i failed it cause i was barely there. i was having relationship issues at the time and medical issues. it was during my senior year so i didn't get to learn anything about comics. and i had stopped making them for so long x.x i can't come up with any good ideas for one. honestly i am very very VERY pleased at what i've accomplished in my art. i honestly never knew i would have this talent. but im glad i did n.n. if you have any other questions feel free to ask me. <br />
    n.n have a good day/nightUser Image
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