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  • Artist Info: Hello. I'm Spellbound, but you can call me Nat if you prefer. I'm fifteen and live in Colorado.<br />
    Ay... what to say... I like to write, and have multiple projects going at the time. I also fancy myself a halfway-mediocre artist, and do draw almost constantly. Yes, even during lectures.<br />
    This fall, I'm going to the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington DC. Anyone else who knows about this? PM me.<br />
    I have a blog, too and you can CLICK HERE to look at it!<br />
    That's about it.<br />
    Oh! For what it's worth, I'm...<br />
    * Team Bacon.<br />
    * Team Zero x Yuki. (In other words, I'm against incest. Oy.)<br />
    * Atheist.<br />
    * Pro-Choice.<br />
    * Democrat.<br />
    * Straight, but pro-gay (lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, asexual...) rights.<br />
    * And for Colorado's recent teacher tenure law. Yes, I know about this. And I want to be a teacher when I grow up. Explain that!
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