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  • Artist Info: Hm... about me.<br />
    Well i like Anime and Mangas.<br />
    Read constantly.<br />
    Not single.....<br />
    I listen to tATu, Bullet for my Valentine, and a great mix of other artist <br />
    I like darker music like Within Temptation.<br />
    Hate math!<br />
    Luv the Anime Blood hence the name!<br />
    S-Cry_Ed is pretty good too!<br />
    If you know of any good not so well known animes i would love you for life.<br />
    I like the colors green, purple, and black. Also i dont care if you say black isn't a color because it is in my wardrobe.<br />
    Have a myspace and facebook.<br />
    Go on OneManga alot.<br />
    Hate One Piece!!! Shoot them all!!<br />
    Play DDR all the time and am proud to say i can do alot of dances on standered, difficult, or hard depending on the game. P.s. their all the same level is what i ment!<br />
    Stay up late on the weekends when i shouldn't.<br />
    Like to draw.<br />
    Naruto and Bleach hard to decide, their both good.<br />
    Had a pet rat but he died. I love RATS!!!<br />
    And YUKI!! (from fruits basket just incase your stupid (if your stupid you shouldnt be on gaia! (Oh wait i dont have to worry because you cant read, which doesnt matter any ways because i can't spell!)))<br />
    I REALLY like the Death Note movies. <br />
    And L is the best in the world! Dont argue with me i'll write your name in the Death Note!<br />
    Also in case you couldn't tell by my "writing" my real hair color is blonde.....dirty blonde....<br />
    I dont know why thats important but<br />
    Oh wait it isnt!! Blondes are better.<br />
    So ya i just told you my life.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Anime I own:<br />
    Fruits Basket<br />
    Kiddy Grade<br />
    Vandread<br />
    Trinity Blood<br />
    Naruto Box set 1<br />
    Naruto Shippuden Box set 1&2<br />
    Inuyasha Box set 2&3<br />
    Code Gease Box set 1<br />
    some Ah My Goddess<br />
    and Fullmetal Alchemist <br />
    also 1 Ergo Proxy Dvd<br />
    <br />
    Would like to own<br />
    all of Naruto<br />
    Ergo Proxy complete box set<br />
    all of Inuyasha<br />
    S-Cry-Ed<br />
    Card Captor Sakura<br />
    Ah My Goddess<br />
    and SGT Frog!<br />
    <br />
    Wont even get started on mangas.....<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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