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  • Artist Info: Hi i am 15. i am very different so if you have a problem with it get off my profile. i have a temper problem. im not a push over and i don't like to be messed with. hate goth wanna bees, jerks, cheerleaders, overly optimistic people, the color pink, haters, rap and fake people. my motto don't give me a reason to lose my temper. music and writing is my life. Yes i am into sports but only one softball. Writing is how i channel my anger and emotions. i write for a hobby and a habit and also to express myself. I write novels short stories poetry etc <br />
    me in 10 words<br />
    User Image<br />
    loud<br />
    protective<br />
    entergetic<br />
    fierce<br />
    unique<br />
    imginative<br />
    artistic<br />
    random<br />
    out spoken<br />
    honest<br />
    so after reading this if you want to get to know me pm me or something and if i like you i just might talk to or add you.
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