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  • Artist Info: Hmm... about me... well, there r alot of things I could tell u, but I'll stick with the basics!<br />
    10 things I ♥: <br />
    1. music<br />
    2. dance<br />
    3. singing<br />
    4. acting<br />
    5. parties (not like drinking parties or anything, but like sleepovers and b-day parties<br />
    6. My friends<br />
    7. rainbows<br />
    8. the beach<br />
    9. swimming<br />
    10. days that I dnt have school!
    <br />
    10 things I HATE:<br />
    1. animal abuse<br />
    2. child abuse<br />
    3. crying babies<br />
    4. mornings<br />
    5. mondays<br />
    6. when people smell bad<br />
    7. when people say 'like' more than 2 times in one sentence (ex: 'I ttly like wish that you could like go like shopping with me at the like mall!' That is just obnoxious, nock it off!) <br />
    8. when people are talking and they say 'lol', 'rotfl', or any other words that r only ment 4 texting and stuff like that.<br />
    9. YOU! JK! I hate when people say 'thats what she said' about things that dnt even make sense (ex: 'The grass is green- THATS WHAT SHE SAID!') Its just stupid!<br />
    10. When people change the chanel during commercials. I mean, if u do that, then ur going to miss the first minute or so of the show after the commercial! It bugs the crap out of me! Just leave it on that chanel and watch the stupid commercials! DNT MAKE ME MISS MY SHOW!<br />
    OH! One more thing! <br />
    11. I hate when you go to the store and you find like 50,000 things you like, but NOTHING FITS YOU!
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