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  • Artist Info: Name: Cindy or Ceee mrgreen <br />
    Fave color(s) are Purple&Blue . <br />
    FULL - Filipina(=<br />
    November 14 =] .<br />
    AHS ; Currently a FreshCakiee<br />
    Helluhh Nice.<br />
    Easy-going.<br />
    Currently Single & Still finding!<br />
    i &lt;3 Music..can't really live without it! ^-^<br />
    Things I love: Hi-Chew, Pocky, Thai Tea, Bubble Tea, Filipino Food, PHO~Milk, Gum, LipGloss, SeventeenMagazine, ReadingManga, and YOU!<br />
    I can be very RANDOM at times.<br />
    I always use asian faces like: ^-^ ^.^ xD x) (x x( ^O^ ; alright you get the point.<br />
    "Uhmmies XD" is my word and the "XD" is included. Don't steal it or I kill you! Just kidding! ^-^ ; but Seriously.<br />
    My favorite Hi-CHEW flavor so far is Melon, but there's more to try!!<br />
    My BFFs i know in Real : x N y a p p y L o l l i , Darkness Origin, Mrs_Insomniac, iluv_serena, wubbleyou, nowreen 97, Official Kya, xXMomoRocksXx & MehFooL, SPARKleeyumi, PinayNerdiSoFly, amygirlxd ( if i forgot u, remind me!) (oh yeah,&if you're kind, add them, cause they're awesome)<br />
    If you mess with them. Ima screw yuur face (; so don't mess with them.. mmkay? yeah? whee <br />
    Well I guess that's ALL 3nodding <br />
    Haha finally. Anyways.. Wanna know more?<br />
    Well.<br />
    Private Msg. Comment. OR email my gaia email account :]<br />
    I also love meeting new people, so add me, &get to know me! <br />
    heart ,<br />
    Ceee xp <br />
    Oh, btw. I'm saving up for this, but can you pitch in? D:<br />
    <br />
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.<br />
    Total Value: 1,077,444 Gold<br />
    [Item Information]<br />
    <br />
    Item List:<br />
    Oculus Magica<br />
    Golden Fleece<br />
    Cloud<br />
    Gothic Butterfly<br />
    Radiant Prism<br />
    Pixie<br />
    Hammi Hat<br />
    Cherry Blossom<br />
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