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    hello. i'm carlie....haha i rarely come on here, message me because i won't be going in rally or anything latley.<br />
    well, i'm you're average computer nerd. gay,strait, bi, lesbian, pansexual....i don't really care what you are we can be freinds.<br />
    i'm 15....i smoke cigarettes, weed....and tha'ts it......i know it's bad for you but hey man we're dieing everyday so fuck it. i sold my soul to the corporation.... i play and write music, i play guitar and a little bit of piano.........i guess you can say my life style is similar as to a "hippy" but thats how i roll.. im not book smart but more street smart. you can always find me barefoot walking around i never EVER have shoes on. my friends say im chill as fuck. im more of a sit by myself and say nothing wile people start rumors about the weird kid not talking. i write love on my arms for suicidal kids...and i donate my last 5 dollars to people that need it more than me....i'll give a hug to anyone that is in need for one. I FXCKING LOVE YOU haha my life is one fuhked up mess but hey, if i can make you happy and that makes me really happy c: if the world was just all about peace and love and nobody lied to eachother we would live in a perfect world<3 so i try my best. well that me and i hope you like it c: if not ehh idk haha well good byee get to know me.<br />
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