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  • Artist Info: Ellos I am Kori<br />
    If you can not read that, you should not be on the internet.<br />
    If you did read what is at the top, yes I am Kori.<br />
    Kori is short for my full name......which I will not tell you.<br />
    I don't usualy get on gaia much these days.<br />
    But you can send me a message saying "hi" or something.<br />
    I like to meet new people even though I can be very shy.<br />
    I am a bit of a nerd who likes anime and all kinds of other things.<br />
    I get along well with people mostly, but there have been some times where I am not so nice.....<br />
    I have A.D.D., don't know what that is? Look it up.<br />
    With that I have depression sadly.<br />
    These days I have been trying to improve on this problem.<br />
    What do I need in this time of need?<br />
    I need people that I can count on and trust.<br />
    If you are not interested in being my friend, go away.<br />
    Thank you and enjoy your day&lt;3
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