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  • Artist Info: $Haii <br />
    My name ish Lori<br />
    I am 13, I live near Niagara Falls in Ontario<br />
    I can be nice or a bitch depends on who you are, how you act, or if you dare to fuck with me or my friends. Most of the time I'm very friendly and I love to make people laugh :3<br />
    As for music I like far too many different things in different genres, but i hate rap, it's stupid,pointless,annoying,repetitive,and incomprehensible. (Mssg for rappers: you just learnt a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig word XD) I also hate any of that disney channel bullshit "music".<br />
    I rarely watch t.v. but my favorite show is the anime Naruto & obv. I'm an Itachi fan.<br />
    I'm normally a happy person, though sometimes I can get pretty sad... if I'm feeling down please don't try to make me feel worse, don't kick me when I'm down, you might regret it later. I can be happy or sad but sometimes I have alot of hate in me, it takes something big to bring it out so don't push your luck when I'm pissed off.<br />
    I love my friends more than life itself so like I said, don't you DARE fuck with them.<br />
    Things that make me happy : drawing,writing,reading,friends,movies,music <3<br />
    <br />
    Yes I do have msn, just send me a pm or a comment or w.e. and I'll add you :]
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