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  • Artist Info: wats up im mostly try to play my xbox 360 so i should be on gaia every 2-3 day a week . If any of you play basketball tell me becau$e i play it to.<br />
    its a prety alsome sport to me.And like i said before i pla my xbox a<br />
    lot so if ur trying to look for me well get xbox live first then get a<br />
    game that says lost planet,or a game called pure if u se a guy named Kingmourphes1 then u found me. another thing is i HATE<br />
    school one day i had a dream of burning it down but some other kid tried to do for real and im not joking,he put a match i the trash can.i almost ingerd my leg yesterday at a basketball game it got a <br />
    little blurry. icould barly se for 5-7 seconds.hope u like my profile
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