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  • Artist Info: Name:Stephanie (or so my people call me)<br />
    Age:why you want to know?<br />
    etnicity:Nigerian, British, and American<br />
    Hobby:drawing,eating and listning to music<br />
    Color:Black, Red ,And light blue(dont ask)<br />
    What bugs me: anime haters, haters in genreal,the thought of someone coming to my house to sell me paris posters sad , and people who are jerks AND USE YOU FOR UNMEANINGFUL PURPOSES!!!!!!!! <br />
    What i love: anime(a lot) my friends real or not, art (all kinds), and playing awesome mind tricks on people!<br />
    Family:NubianGodess(she is actually my bestest friend!)<br />
    Other junk: I am a crazy cycopath who loves comedy and will laugh at anything!!! I am curently making 6 manga of my own( i bet only three will make it) and i love feel good music! some ppeople call me a freak cause they know i meditate a lot! in other words , ilove people and SOME people love me! smile <br />
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