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  • Artist Info: Wow , I haven't been on in a long time . Well hey i'm Anna . I'm 16 and a junior . I don't really know what to write . . . but i guess i'll just say a few things about myself . I know french , japanese , and i'm currently learning german . I'm a vegetarian and i'm Wiccan . and no Wiccans are not evil and we do not cast spells on people to hurt them . I'm shy when you first meet me but once we get to know each other i can be pretty weird and crazy . I love my friends and don't want to leave them but sadly i'll have to in less than two years . I have high hopes and dreams and no matter what anyone says , i am never going to give them up or start to believe that they won't happen . Well there's a lot more to know about me so if you want , message me and we'll talk.<br />
    <br />
    - Anna
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