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    <br />
    I really do love Elijah wood I'm not being funny. I'm not being ironic. I absolutely *love*Elijah wood and think he is possibly one of the hottest men alive. oh plus ryan gosling and Robert pattinson * duh*<br />
    I'm slightly addicted to and Guitar Hero . Sometimes I even have dreams about playing and when I wake up, I crave for a long hour or two of playing guitar hero. Sometimes I'll glare at the radio if a song I don't like comes on. Examples: Old Time Rock and Roll, Ooh Baby I Love Your Way, are good examples of songs that make me squint my eyes in anger at the stereo and curse whatever dumb ass DJ decided to play such a lame song.<br />
    There are other songs that make me beyond deliriously happy, so much so that I actually shout, "Hooray!" when they come on the radio. Examples: Paramore, Metallica,muse, exc.<br />
    I'm heartbroken that Elvis Presley is not only dead, but died before I was even alive to appreciate him.<br />
    I really can balance food on my nose and catch it in my mouth. ( yea right) My mother is my favorite person in the entire world and my sista.<br />
    I love movies based on drama, romance exc. oh and add the adventure ( Maybe a bit of action) . So if you want to make me very happy, you will come over to watch lord of the rings, notebook, or the departed. ( with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon<br />
    for a job i usually work around the house and help my mom out. she pays me every Wednesday. ( about 20$ depending on how good of a job i did)<br />
    I'm entirely too into degrassi. If you give me a line or two of one of the series I can most likely tell you who said it, what season, and possibly even the episode name (as well as the lines that come after it). I'm not ashamed.<br />
    I actually think it makes me awesome.<br />
    My first celebrity crush was brad Pitt. now its Matt dallas.<br />
    my favorite dessert is...well i don't really have a favorite cause i hate sweets. ( i use to though..)<br />
    i drink orange juice daily. 4 cups of orange juice will do me good. it keeps me active and happy. I've been drinking it for years ( 3 or 4 i should say) wow i know.<br />
    my hobbies are playing piano, art, archery and digital art.<br />
    if you want me to learn a song for you on piano I'll be more then welcomed to play it =D same as for a drawing.<br />
    so yea that's basically me..i know not very interesting. <br />
    <br />
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