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  • Artist Info: I've changed accounts multiple times. Started out as this account, Killvin. Made lots of friends, but some stuff happened. I switched over to an account I called "Together_Forever_More".. but don't bother looking for it, cause it doesn't exist as that name anymore. I changed it to "Dying_at_Birth" after some more unfortunate events unfolded before me. Then I changed to the account, Glorious Self-Envy. Eventually I decided to change accounts again, and that account I do not wish to disclose at this time. However, I will always check my other accounts from time to time.<br />
    <br />
    My name is Kevin, I'm 18 years old, 19 on 12-16-2009.<br />
    I'm graduated High School on June 3rd, 2010, rank 8 in my class.<br />
    I'm planning on going to and have been accepted at a community college.<br />
    I don't smoke. I hate it. My parents smoke and it bothers me.<br />
    I do drink alcohol from time to time, even though I'm underage.<br />
    But trust me, I'm no alcoholic. I've yet to finish an entire alcoholic beverage.<br />
    I graduated with a grade point average of 5.61.<br />
    I took honors and advanced placement classes in High school,<br />
    and was placed in the gifted program in 3rd or 4th grade.<br />
    You may call me a nerd if you like. I'm possibly the coolest nerd you'll ever meet.<br />
    Or the most annoying, it all depends on how I'm feeling and how you're feeling.<br />
    I don't really talk to many people any more.<br />
    I have a sort of a fear of hurting people. <br />
    I sometimes say things I don't mean, and it always comes back to bite me in the rear.<br />
    I don't care what you think about me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.<br />
    My opinion is that if you waste your time telling me your opinion about me. You are an idiot.<br />
    I have anger problems. However I am much better at keeping them under control than I used to.<br />
    I love food. Video Games. Friends. Family. And having time to myself.<br />
    I hate thinking, being alone, drugs (except for ethanol. Though I'd still prefer soda), stupid people, the government, and people who can't understand the simplest of things.<br />
    I may hate a lot of things, but the like side is open to everything I don't hate. And everything is a target for change.<br />
    If you wish to know more, don't hesitate to ask.<br />
    Peace out - Kevin.
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