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  • Artist Info: Hey, my name is Angela, theres not much to tell. I like rock/metal/punk music, i want to get a guitar, and im outgoing, but really shy when i meet new people. Im italian, I like the color blue, and i love my friends. Uhh... so yeah, thats bascially all i have to tell u, if u know me, u can know much more. lol Later.<br />
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    I found this really cute and sweet! =)<br />
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    Boy: I love her more than the air i breath <br />
    Girl: well im always here for you. <br />
    Boy: I know <br />
    Girl: what's wrong? <br />
    Boy: I like her so much <br />
    Girl: talk to her <br />
    Boy: I don't know. she wont even like me. <br />
    Girl: Don't say that, your amazing. <br />
    Boy: i just want her to know how i feel <br />
    Girl: then tell her <br />
    Boy: she wont like me <br />
    Girl: how do you know that? <br />
    Boy: i can just tell <br />
    Girl: well just tell her <br />
    Boy: what should i say? <br />
    Girl: tell her how much you like her <br />
    Boy: i tell her that daily. <br />
    Girl: what do you mean? <br />
    Boy: im always with her. I love her. <br />
    Girl: i know how you feel. i have the same problem. but he'll never like me <br />
    Boy: wait. who do you like? <br />
    Girl: oh some guy. <br />
    Boy: Oh... she wont like me either. <br />
    Girl: she does <br />
    Boy: how do you know? <br />
    Girl: becuse, who wouldn't like you? <br />
    Boy: you <br />
    Girl: you're wrong, I like you <br />
    Boy: I like you too <br />
    Girl: so are you gonna talk to her? <br />
    Boy: I just did. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    GIRLS~ if you think this is sweet put it on your page <br />
    <br />
    BOYS~ if your man enough to say this to a girl put it on your profile
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