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    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. powerful race who were the greatest in the south corner of space had finally found the ultimate key to there survival. There planet had been destroyed and left life less by the race once it had used all of its minerals. Trailing from one planet to the next destroying what ever gets in there way and consuming all the minerals of the other plants, alas they came to a planet and this planet did not give up once and refused to be overcome by the awesome power of the HUGONS. But as they did with many other planets destroyed them with no trace, but the passion and truth the unknown warriors showed on the battle field was honorable even for the mighty HUGONS. They were moved by there will to protect there home. the HUGONS were truly almighty and had the technology and mistcal powers to change and conquer the universe but after the epic battle against the UNKNOWN warriors left even the most fearsome HUGON in tears and decided to dispose of all the power and and technology so that no one can be tempted by it ever again, so they locked the mistical power in 4 infant HUGONS and sent them to a planed that was very primitive compared to the HUGONS so that in hopes ,once they had ascended and unlocked the full potential of there power that lay in them, to help them protect the planet against any who try to harm them... <br />
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