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  • Artist Info: DANIELA HERE!!!!!!!!my name is Daniela,duh!i told you that like 5 seconds ago.the basic thing i like or about me are im livin the dream of a singer!!.......................no im jk smile !!I love art,music,talking to me friends,walking outside on a perfect weather day just to relax,the smell of the ocean,going to the ocean,going to the beach,and most of all.........LIVIN LIFE!!!!!!if you don't know wat that big list of things was those r things i like to do.in school i like cultural art,English,p.e. science,SCIENCE IS SO EASY!!!i just copy other<br />
    people......sometime................ okay most of the time,stop being mean to me!!!!i like to eat well anything good especially chocolate ship pancakes!!!!(they rock)!!!!!if you give me a friends request make sure you tell me a bit about you or i will either delete ur friends request or ask u A BUNCH OF QUESTION!!!!oh and its okay if i spell things wrong cuz i suck at spelling of course just on the computer i don't cuz the computer helps me!!lol!!P.S.you should buy something from me wish list!!! smile <br />
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