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  • Artist Info: Hello hello hello....<br />
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    So this is where I talk about myself eh?...Well okay then.<br />
    I am...From New Zealand, one wicked place I tell you. I am an absolute Placebo addict (the band!) and Chip o' holic.<br />
    <br />
    Placebo, Batman, Chips and Horror stories are my life.<br />
    -Placebo... Omg there re no actual words to describe their level of awesomeness. But to put it straight, Placebo is a pink licorice allsort (lolly), that has been injected with heroin. <br />
    -Batman is the most awesomest series of comics, movies and T.V. shows EVER!!!! The Joker is my idol.<br />
    -Horror stories totally rule. They leave sooo much to the imagination, mainly because you don't have a screen showing you everything, and Stephen King is the KING of horror stories.<br />
    -Chips. I could live off chips...Seriously...I could.<br />
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    Thanks soooo much SamuraiBlazexFlame for this awesome emote!!!!
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