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  • Artist Info: Theres not much to say about me except the way i everyone says is a Jerk i got no fricken idea why it might be to do with that i made one of my best friends whos my ex Jess (Shes a girl so dont get gross) cry because i said i was moving skools coz i was pissed at people and she didnt want me to so yeah is jess knows soz JEss!<br />
    My other best friends are Pedro, drac, roshi and adam. I do hip hop dancing. I am currenting trying to learn hand stands. I would someday like to be a hip hop dancing rap singer like eminem or chris brown except i wont hit my gf. The rules i love to say and i live by is:<br />
    1. live your life coz you aint gonna get another!<br />
    2. Dont let people talk shit to you!<br />
    <br />
    Um... also i have htis massively great top gurl gf whos the best, blonde, smart, funny and all around great and her names emma. Our songs is hey there delilah (emma) and if i want to by usher.<br />
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