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  • Artist Info: i'm an 18 year old who's looking for a job to help pay for college.i have 2 sisters 2 brothers. 2 nieces 5 nephews, 1brother in law, and 2 fathers. I'm a christian, and i believe in chivalry,piety, self-actualization, and good. i guess i'm sort of a non-conformist in the sense that i am not goth, punk, a redneck, a metalhead, an emo or a prep. i am not an anti-conformist, i simply do not conform, i am part redneck, part punk, part goth, and other stuff that has no name because it's all me.i'm into greek, norse and arthurian mythos. i love to talk about philosophy, if you do to check out my philosophy in my journal.<br />
    <br />
    (__/)<br />
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    (" )_(" wink <br />
    This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny onto your<br />
    profile to help him gain world domination.
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