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    Hey guys! I've had this account for about 5 years now .___. (I recently decided to fix up some my dusty profile and such). I plan to keep Gaia in my schedule besides other things. I'll be pretty busy as a jackrabbit junior. Besides typical homework and such, night rehearsals can be tedious. Violin has been a part of my life for almost 10 years. To keep myself in shape, I still do karate kenpo and plan to return to the best studio, The Power of One Self-Defense Institute &lt;3 There are some new activities that I enjoy doing such as ice skating, being a peer minister, and dancing. Even though my schedule is often booked, I always make time for my beloved family, strange pets, friends, and this one special person~&lt;3<br />
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    Hit me up with a P.M.! It's going to get dusty if no one talks to me D;
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