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  • Artist Info: Haiii!!!!!!!! im hollypup10!!!! hehe if u dont know me, well, i can b a reaaall flake when in comes to somethings, like zoning out in the middle of doing something, tripping over nothing (it ALWAYS happens in front of people!! TT^TT), and just plain have a hard time paying attention to stuff when i need to. not school though! im a good student! im considered a book worm to some people(cause i am!!) and because i have a lot of free time in class i read xD<br />
    <br />
    my friends say im like a living anime character ^^ aside from me being a little clumsy xD Im very bubbly (no thanks to my love of anime ^^ i go chibi ALOOTT xD) and love everyone of my friends and family!! Im fun to hang around, even though i might act a liiittttle weird sometimes (blame the chibiness xD) u get used to it xD ^^<br />
    <br />
    I love cats, manga/anime, singing, drawing, playing musical introments, listening to music, and reading books and manga ^^
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