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    There's nothing really to say about me so I'm gonna use this for a poem if you don't understand it pm me I'll translate
    <br />
    its my lyrical phase.<br />
    on a physical blaze.<br />
    im KEJ.<br />
    ina mystical haze.<br />
    im intangible everlasting and flammable.<br />
    my rhymes burn to your soul.<br />
    eat the heat from ya life until your body is cold.<br />
    my flow is not about rhyme.<br />
    its about meaning of words and thoughts sublime.<br />
    but the rhyme adds a nice ring.<br />
    like the feeling of never or reknown as a humanbeing.<br />
    ima entity.an icebox where 4 vents should be.<br />
    this is the end thee.<br />
    send your life into a state of emergency.<br />
    my plan will be easy.take out the ones you love.<br />
    your(6 letters).<br />
    This planet can't handle me.<br />
    I'm death to the touch.<br />
    vile notes.<br />
    to throats they clutch.
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