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  • Artist Info: I am 20 and I am a Half Demon ....My father was a full blood demon and my mother was human.... my mother happened to also was one of the most powerful samurai in the world, she and our Clan trained me , Developing my skills and helping my control the demon blood that flows through me , my clan's ability is of Wind and Fire Elements .I left my village after it was destroyed , my Mother with it . She and the Village was destroyed be an unknown force and for some reason I was spared .That was 13 years ago. I have traveled across the world ridding it of evil and those with no since of justice..And i can shape shift into a demon wolf .....but in that form it is even harder to control the beast within , I have yet to know what really lives and sleeps deep within my soul .. and yet i hope i may never have to find out.<br />
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