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  • Artist Info: Hiya! Hi, I'm Annie, I'm a girl (which U could've guessed) who likes animals, ramen, pocky, ramune, steak, and lots of other stuffs that includes galaxies, gymnastics, stuff (duh), outdoors and the books in the Twilight Saga and, well, I actually like all books.....except for school books for obvious reasons. I also like anime, but then again, who doesn't? wink <br />
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    Please comment my profile!<br />
    Thanx!!<br />
    3nodding <br />
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    I've adopted a neko!<br />
    Name: Sistine<br />
    Likes: Going out in Pajamas<br />
    Dont like: Her brother<br />
    Owner: MingoSharade<br />
    You can adopt one too!
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    Luv me! *Flutter flutter* ^^ Me is cuh-ute!<br />
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