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  • Artist Info: Well I'm Kevin...Im 16. I'm gonna be going into my junior year :3. My Favorite colors are black and white. I love Five finger death punch, Paramore, cage the elephant, and Bullet for my valentine :3<br />
    I listen to Metal, Techno, rock, screamo, and uhm music. -w-<br />
    Iv been on Gaia for while ;o and well i kinda like it. I'v never really have been good at typing these "About me's" So I'ma ramble on about stuff. :3<br />
    I do avi art for cheap, I use bases So send me a message If you want some :3<br />
    Uhm the contact me thingy doesn't work on my profile =( idk how to fix it so your gonna have to go on your friends list to send me a message =( sorry. <br />
    Oh and before you send me a friend request I want you to know that after 2 weeks or so i clear my Friends list of every one i don't talk to =( sorry Its nothing personal. I just try to keep it To people I talk to. I Love my friends and people who are there for me, Like the love of my life &lt;3. I think every one should believe in love, even if at times it does hurt, Some people just haven't seen the good things about love.<br />
    I think love is Duality of feelings. Any way love is grate &lt;3. One day I hope to work as a Game Graphic Designer or w/e you wanna call it. :3<br />
    Well I'ma Stop Rambling now ;o Send me a pm?! &gt;w&lt;
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