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  • Artist Info: Holaaa,my name is Stephanie buttt i dont speak Spainish<br />
    i am infact 17,but some people recall me saying i'm 19 or 22 well<br />
    those are my sistahs.<br />
    oh mi gawd i love to say popsicle jokes.<br />
    my awesome bus buddy happens to BE...Stephanie no not myself either.<br />
    i would tell you which school i got too,but..no.<br />
    I dont watch porn (nor oprah) <br />
    If you really get to know me i'll usually start saying "Damain has no balls"<br />
    i have Two pregnant sister,and boy they sure get on my nerves.<br />
    i do sorta believe in god,but im no crazy god person,i hate going to church<br />
    not to be racist but my priest is Korean and i can't understand i word he says.<br />
    on sundays i go to have tacos with old people....AND,...they mostly scare the hajeebies outa meee. >< <br />
    i can be really bitchy,usually for pure amusement and fun.<br />
    i hate pictures of people standing in there mirror striking a pose with there sell-<br />
    phone camra in the mirror,no offense but that is so gay.<br />
    im from Southern California.<br />
    i absolutely hate emo people.<br />
    yawn....<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    User Image<br />
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