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  • Artist Info: Alright, so hey, what the fuck is up?<br />
    right nowh im really bored so here this shit goes:<br />
    My name is Lindsey!<br />
    and thats all i feel like saying<br />
    my best friends in the whole wide worlds is Sara!<br />
    much '<3's to sara!<br />
    biggrin <br />
    i consider my self emo now, and i bassicly hate how years ago i acted and dressed like such an ass. i always say' wtf was i thinking then'<br />
    i hate mt current hair: though its not a fucking horrible as it use to be.<br />
    the number one person i hate is:<br />
    Vincent!<br />
    hes <br />
    a<br />
    asshole!!!<br />
    he made me cry in gym! the first time i have ever really cried in school.<br />
    so now hes on my hit list *smirks*<br />
    what else...i wrote awesome poems and stories and i can sing well<br />
    ii dont like but i dont love preps<br />
    and jacob is the funniest fuck you will ever meet.<br />
    no.<br />
    wait.<br />
    screw that.<br />
    shit idk...no ones really funny anymore<br />
    but its def. not Jacob<br />
    oh! no<br />
    Jak!!<br />
    <3!!!!<br />
    alright, idk what else to say so<br />
    have a great fucking day.
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