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  • Artist Info: I'm not really good at these kind of things, so I'll start with one of the simplest tasks...<br />
    <br />
    My name is Grace.<br />
    It's a pleasure to know that you are taking time out of your day to see my profile
    <br />
    I'm not the most interesting person you'll meet, for I am a simple girl who likes to escape reality by going into my room to play video games. I am also the girl who enjoys making sarcastic comments and then apologizing if I feel like that was too rude/mean. <br />
    I enjoy being that one friend that you can always count on whether its for a shoulder to cry on or just need to talk too. Though I feel like most people take advantage of me because I'm like that, but I won't change, no matter how much I get hurt in the process. <br />
    I don't come on here a lot anymore, and I wish I did because this is where I developed those qualities of mine. I was always that one person who always listened and was hardly ever mean to anyone. Except when you caught me on my bad days. The days in which I was crying and came online hoping that one person would say one mean thing to me so I had a reason to be mean. And I regret it. But I would always have that one friend who was online and would help me through it. His name was Sorrows of Love, well that was his username at least. I don't think I ever got his real name. Anyway, he just stopped coming on, and I wish he would, he was the only person who really understood me, or so I thought. Then I came across many others, too many to count in fact, that helped me when he could not.<br />
    <br />
    But enough about that, I do have other interests besides babbling about nothing. <br />
    -I enjoy Role playing, though I'm not that talented when it comes to writing, even though I do enjoy doing it.<br />
    -I love reading. Mostly fiction I might add.<br />
    -I love playing video games. Its my escape into lands where I'm the one people depend on and not the other way around.<br />
    -My favorite music is mostly from the early 2000's (Lame I know).<br />
    But most of all, I enjoy making people feel like they matter.<br />
    <br />
    If you are a old friend of mine, thanks for being there, you're are one of the best people ever. <br />
    <br />
    If you stayed long enough to read all of that, thanks for reading my nonsense and I hope you have a lovely day.<br />
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