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  • Artist Info: I not one for self explanations, but I will give it a try. <br />
    I enjoy anime and manga. Mostly seinen demographics. Though I do like the occasional shoujo. I don't really have a favorite of either anymore. Though, FLCL shall always be a top one for me.<br />
    I also greatly enjoy Touhou(not that I'm good at them mind). Which happens to be a danmaku. If you know not the meaning of 'danmaku', look it up. My gratitude goes to ZUN for making these games as well as the awesome music compositions that go with them. Would be hellish for me to do all the programing, drawing, and music by myself like he does.<br />
    And unless you didn't guess from the above, I'm a gamer (though a penniless one). I play mostly RPG's, though I'm pretty good at FPS's. On normal settings at any rate. I do have a favorite game as well. Tales of the Abyss. Rather annoying protagonist, but over epic, if somewhat cliche, story.
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