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  • Artist Info: Hey hey people, if it's info ya want, then it's info I have. I have a knack for drawing to music, just drawing, or just listening to music. I also get ticked off a little to easily and will yell at anyone who catches me in a bad mood. I love to read, not any of that non-fiction stuff, I'm a pure Fantasy/Manga reader, not to mention, I also love watching Anime. Out of all music, I find things like Metal, Rock, and things like that to be calming.<br />
    This is a poem of fears I have.<br />
    <br />
    Fear of falling.<br />
    Fear of flying.<br />
    Fear of hurting those I care about.<br />
    Fear of not caring enough.<br />
    Fear of caring to much.<br />
    Fear of being cold.<br />
    Fear of being to old.<br />
    Fear of judging.<br />
    Fear of being judged.<br />
    Fear of being to serious.<br />
    Fear of joking around.<br />
    Fear of letting go.<br />
    Fear of hanging on.<br />
    Fear of being punished.<br />
    Fear of being rewarded.<br />
    Fear of others.<br />
    Fear of being alone.<br />
    Fear of reaching out in anger.<br />
    Fear of emotions.
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