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  • Artist Info: i ƒєєℓ like T!M3 has passed so quicкℓy since i took the p h o t o r a p h..<br />
    <br />
    look at us sмiℓing in the photograph, you can see the SECRETS behind the fake smiles<br />
    the pasт DEST0Y3D by you, i`m not going to forget___________________________<br />
    our truth was sнαᴅoωəᴅ in the ᴅ a я к n e s s of WAR!_______________
    <br />
    _____★ ★ ★__ THANKS for the м ə м o я i ə s<br />
    __________________________that doesn`t ƒade in my {____}!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    _____Check one, two ! `EY peoples. SO-! You`ve decided to take a peek at the old profile did you now? c: To start things, I`d like to inform you all that I am of the female species. But sshh my cover will be blown if you tell on me.<br />
    <br />
    _____So very nice to meet you. If you don`t already know, my name is Tammy. To is the last name cause I`m just too Asian like that. c: What can I say? I popped out from my mom`s belly on October twelfth, 1993. So in case you suck at math like I do, I`m currently fifteen years young. I`m moving my way from fresh meat to SOPHOMORE bby~ But I don`t think you want to read all this crap in a paragraph form do you? I know I don`t. Let`s go to the all personal favorites- LISTS! :~D HappyhappyJOYJOY!<br />
    <br />
    __________ my friends are the most important people in my life. I love all my friends to deathdouspart. Without them, I couldn`t accomplish much in life. Love you guys!<br />
    __________ my favorite colors are green, white, black, orange, and blue. ( pssh no one said you had to choose one. &gt; ____ &gt; ) why? Cause they are very pretty-full colors. c:<br />
    __________ Arizona Fruit Punch is my crack in a can. Other then music, it basically is my crack.<br />
    __________ one of my hobbies is drawing. I think I`m obsessed with drawing TDI stuff now, really. You should go check out my DA on the link besides this thing. c: Feel free to message me about art if you`d like. Of course, it isn`t free, unless you`re one of my friends.<br />
    __________ my favorites band is currently PAPA ROACH and MADINA LAKE. They are both very awesome, and their lead singers are very delicious. c;<br />
    __________ i am a roleplayer. No matter how many times I try to get out of it, it pulls me back in. u ____ u''<br />
    __________ i love geeking out on the XBOX360. That`s right, I`m a gamer chicka. C: But recently, my XBOX had a tumor and went ring of death on my ass. Sad face.<br />
    __________ whelp! That about all I`m going to say. Don`t want to waste anymore of you`re valuable time. Muffins and samiches make me happy, as well as random messages and comments. C: LEAVE ONE, Dark Vador commands you! &gt;:U HA~ just kidding. ♥ Well, bye!
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    She talks about you like you put sтaяs in the SKY<br />
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