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    My name is Namiyo and I am rejected by this world. I am adopted by two humans, a couple I must presume, when I was little and they took care of me. The woman got so many expectations for me and the man was very supportive but... As I grow up they realize my disturbing silence, I do know how to speak and got my own voice but I never talked to them. Many more of my secrets were revealed as time pass by yet I still didn't made any sound. The man despise me but I'm however lucky since the woman grew close to me and wanted me to live with them at least. For years I serve them and the woman started to get sick, I got no more protection from the man's fury. He tried to kill me, I run away, out in the midst of cold winter. Once my favorite season was winter but I never thought it would keep such a cold and painful memory.<br />
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    Now I'm living by myself, surviving as the world goes on, I live at a clock tower and no one knows a white child like me lives in there. I wander around the big city and saw other people of different kinds as well, but they couldn't see me. I am fund of watching others from afar, hiding behind objects and I enjoy following loners until they talk to themselves and reveal their own secret some made me laugh some made me angry but none made me cry, this is the result of the past years I spent living alone and hidden without any pity found inside me. Once, I remember, the last time I got amazed and felt loneliness or greif was behind that boy. A person I follow almost everyday because I always saw him pass my way but he never notice me. He's just the same as me though we got different abilities yet we got the same problem. He was driven away of the city I once lived before and I never thought to see someone like him with the same ability and eyes here in the city where the clock tower I live in is located. Here at the city where I grew frozen and alone.<br />
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    I made the Profile you are seeing right now and no, I won't be making anything else like that. I rarely do avii arts, before I have a shop but soon I closed it since I am fully booked with much more significant activities. Well if I am bred, i sometimes end up drawing other peoples avatars or making profile for others, but those who begs, have no chance of getting picked. <br />
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