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  • Artist Info: i like to flirt am always in the season to play sport. i live on the east coast and are always haveing fun with my friends or dog waiting for my dad to get back and livung for the moment. i dont look back or forward just live in the moment. if i am not hanging out outside or on my trampoline i am blasting music outside or with my window open so the whole world can hear me. somthing you might not know is that i play multiple instruments not all of them good but fine all the same. some are the piano, gutar, drums,oboa (only a little), and can pick up on any other instrument. when o type i get lost in the story but dont share them with others. i might oneday but not now. i am sortish fatish and have cloudy blue eyes.<br />
    depending on the seson my hair is a diferent color. and i am strong, loving, feeling, iritating (every once in a while), heartfelt and emotional (depending on the subject). this may be boring or a form of braging but sorry i just got lost in the moment<br />
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