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  • Artist Info: Ashes turned into ashes, and the heavy dust settled down. In the middle of it all laid a giant egg, embodying a fiery motif on the shell. Just like a chick something pokes out of the shell, not a beak, but a set of crimson hair. The sides break out, after the creature stretches its arms. The creature reveals itself, and seems almost human. The difference was hardly noticeable, for he could contract and retract the small feathery wings of rouge. He seemed to be no more than a teen, but just born a few moments ago. His bare skin gave off a warm aura feel, and he had a pair of pants to cover his low section. His eyes gazed into the destruction caused by the recent volcano eruption, and then walked onto the lava. His foot did not set a blaze, but rather absorbed its essence. So, as he glides off with his baby wings, yet again someone so beautiful is created by something so disastrous.<br />
    <br />
    Death is not the end. To this creature it is merely the beginning, as he is reborn through science, after taking a severe blow to the entire body. However, his body is not his own anymore. His hair was straight, jet black bangs, combed to his left (your right), and cut just below the eyes. The back of the hair was neatly trimmed short. His eyes were a blood red, most abnormal, and probably a result of experimentation. His head was covered in some kind of red cloth wrap. He had on a long sleeved cloak, that's belted a few times in front. His shirt was charcoal colored and sleeveless. This shirt was made hi-tech with bullet proof, and fire proof qualities. His pants and pointy tipped boots were also the same color. His pants were made of special electric absorbing technology, and was skin tight. The only bad thing about it was that he felt the weather a lot more than others would. His boots were made of pure leather, however, unlike the other attachments the boots were nothing special. His black gauntlets had a metal alloy like no other. Most likely made to with stand the force of certain blows. After being in cryogenic stasis for years he finally breaks out, after an explosion in the upper part of the complex happened, and escapes the catastrophe. His wandering feet bring him to a bar with the label '7th Heaven' on it. After sitting down, the bartender mentioned how his resemblance to another individual was shocking. She mentions how his face, height, and body structure were strikingly similar. So, out of curiosity he sets out to find this Vincent Valentine. There is only one problem, he knew not where to go. Where shall he go to search for this person?
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