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  • Artist Info: Hey, I'm Sam. I love to write poems, read, and draw. Hanging around with my friends is always a ton of fun, 'cause we're quirky and are always finding something stupid to laugh about. <br />
    Some of my favorite movies are American Beauty, Catch Me If You Can, Forrest Gump, The Breakfast Club, Donnie Darko, Pretty In Pink, Wall-E, Benny And Joon, Carrie, Pineapple Express, Super Bad, Juno, Annie Hall, Glory, Into The Wild, and of course The Dark Night. My All-time favorite show would have to be The Office. What could be funnier? Well, I'm not really sure what else to put here...if you have any questions just comment me and ask them! I'm super friendly and easy to talk to. biggrin
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