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  • Artist Info: look at your profile, now look at mine now look back to yours now look at mine sadly your's isn't mine but it could be if u took the time to make this introduction yours, look down now back up where are you? on gaia online reading the introduction yours could be. i'm on a computer backwards lol Well I'm not gonna tell u too much becuz i don know u but i will tell u quite a bit... My name is kristin i am a tomboy. You don't need to know my age or where i live but I will tell you I am wise beyond my years. I can be very mature or very immature. I am full of surprises. My teacher's always tell me I'm a amazing story writer. I have watched like at least 2 movies a week every week of my life. I've been playing soccer since i was 4 and have played ever since. i have played street hockey, football, basketball since i was 3 and a half with my bro and my guy friends. i am very athletic. Most people think i am just quiet and smart but if u really know me u know i am quiet in class and get good grades but out of school i am loud and crazy. I love all animal's!!!! I love music and alot of it! I also love to read like: alex rider series by anthony horowitz and percy jackson and the olympians etc. I hate that screamo crap the people that scream it have no talent. I like some rap like eminem. I am addicted to playing call of duty modern warfare 2. Well i think u know all u need to know about me for now but if u have any random question pm me and i will try to answer. <br />
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