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  • Artist Info: Hai.! <br />
    I'm Mariah. I'm 12 and ima be 13 on May 1st biggrin <br />
    I'm pretty cool and funny ( or at least thats what i've been told razz )<br />
    I absolutly love alice in wonderland, paramore, and anything that involves music.<br />
    I really need more gold and I'm working really hard to make enough to buy all the things i want for my dream avi. <br />
    If you can I'd really appreciate it if yuh could donate some gold. <br />
    Um i think thats all......Oh wait, RAWR.! <br />
    Ok thats all buh bai.!<br />
    <(^_^)># <<<< ITZ WAFFLE TIME.! >:3
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